Teaching photoOver the past twenty years, I’ve been able to develop a wide range of courses for undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students. I enjoy classroom teaching, particularly in the seminar format.

My honors students at the University of Oklahoma are among the best that I’ve taught at any college or university, Ivy League schools included. Students always provide fresh perspectives on the primary and secondary texts I use to teach—whether they are written texts, films, spoken words, or music.

I enjoy the synergy of co-teaching, and have taught with scholars in English, history, French studies, women’s studies, food studies, geography, history of science, internal medicine, and endocrinology. I am happy to share my course syllabi with others, so if you are interested in one or two, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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Introductory Undergraduate
  • American Lives: American History through Biography
  • Medicine through the Ages: the History of Medicine from Plato to PMS
  • Perspectives on the American Experience: Food and American Culture
  • Perspectives on the American Experience: “What Is Science?”: An Introduction to Science Studies
  • Perspectives on the American Experience: The Politics of Gender and Sexuality in American Society
  • Science and Public Policy
  • The Cultures of Western Medicine
  • The Physician in History: The Evolution of the Physician’s Role in Western Civilization
Advanced Undergraduate
  • Alcohol and Drug Use in American Society
  • Culture and Ethics in 20th-C. American Medicine
  • Food, Culture, and Sign: An Introduction to Food Studies and Global Food Systems
  • Historical and Ethical Issues in American Medicine
  • Lives in Science – The Science and Art of Writing Scientific Biography
  • Measuring Humankind: the Politics of Human Taxonomy in 20th-C. America
  • Modern Epidemics: Epidemic Disease in America from Influenza to Affluenza
  • The History of Alternative Medicine
  • Women and Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Women’s Health
  • Disease and Public Health in Modern America
  • History of Medicine
  • Measuring Humankind: the Politics of Human Taxonomy in 20th-C. America
  • The Development of Public Health in America
Medical Student
  • Introduction to the History of Medicine for Medical Students
  • Women in Medicine for Medical Students

History of Medicine links

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